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What is Zyxt?
Zyxt is a literary magazine independently produced by the students of the European College of Liberal Arts. It intends to represent the diversity present within its student body through the literary and artistic prowess of its students. Through works representing a variety of unique literary and artistic strands and traditions, the magazine is a showcase for worldwide literature and art.

Who is Zyxt for?
The magazine envisions no target market, with the belief that good literature and art appeals to all. Its sole purpose is in its creation and its success lies in the creation.

What does Zyxt mean?
Zyxt is the last word in the Oxford English Dictionary. It is the second singular indicative present form of the verb see. The word is the claim to fame of, C. T. Onions, the editor of the dictionary and man responsible for putting it in. It is also the name of a soap that no longer sells.

Publishing criterion
Publishing works in any language, the magazine shall discriminate only on the basis of creativity and originality. An editorial team shall select works only on unanimous approval. In case of language barriers, each team memberís vote shall be passed on to a native speaker. In the event of a print version only those transferable into print media shall be considered.

ZYXT! - ECLA's First Online Literary Magazine
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