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Dear creative writers,

Zyxt magazine accepts submissions from anyone who has been a part of the ECLA community. It actively encourages the participation of the current student body, alumni, faculty and administration. The magazine will accept creative manuscripts dealing in any genre, written in any style, and of all lengths. It will also accept all forms of graphical art irrespective of medium. All manuscripts which are well articulated, thoughtful and self-contained will be taken into consideration. All graphic media should be submitted in digital form and presentable online. However, the magazine reserves the right to select manuscripts for publication.  

Please remember that for the Creative Writing Contest you may only submit one piece to each category (no more than 4000 words per piece). When faced with the prospect of achieving eternal glory for your name and work by being published in ECLA's Literary Magazine and receiving monetary prizes, you should not be concerned that your essays may not sound as good in English as they do in your native tongue. Rest assured - the judges will do their best to overlook any troubles you might have with translations.

Those interested in submitting their work should send it to: submissions@zyxt-mag.de 


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