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 Natalia Ryabchikova

Осип Мандельштам

Бессонница. Гомер. Тугие паруса.
Я список кораблей прочел до середины:
Сей длинный выводок, сей поезд журавлиный,
Что над Элладою когда-то поднялся.

Как журавлиный клин в чужие рубежи --
На головах царей божественная пена --
Куда плывете вы? Когда бы не Елена,
Что Троя вам одна, ахейские мужи?

И море, и Гомер -- все движется любовью.
Кого же слушать мне? И вот Гомер молчит,
И море черное, витийствуя, шумит
И с тяжким грохотом подходит к изголовью.

Osip Mandelstam

Insomnia, Homer, Sails - to winds tight jibs release.
The list of boats I quit, half to remain unread:
That elongated brood, the craning train that fled
Sometime ago above the Ancient Greece.
Alike the wedge of cranes, into the foreign land:
Upon the royal heads the crowns of god-sent foam:
For Helen were it not, where do you head from home,
What would Troy mean alone to you, Achaean men?
The sea and Homer, all - by love moves and endears.
Whom shall I listen to? Old Homer wouldn't say:
Apprising, the Black Sea is humming on its way,
With horrid crash at my headrest appears:

Translated by Boris Leyvi


"I thought this poem
by a Russian poet
Osip Mandelstam would
introduce one more
perspective on
"The Iliad" that
AY students studied
in the first term.
Mandelstam was very
much influenced by
the culture of Ancient
Greece and constantly
alluded to it in
his works"

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