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  The end dawns near. A year at ECLA ends. The first year of Zyxt as a magazine comes to a closure. Like a phoenix, maybe it shall rise up in a new time. With a new look and new content it shall burn like a bird about to be roasted. And like chicken it shall taste good. A prophecy foretold. The wonders of the future are held in the words of the present.

The year for Zyxt has been spectacular. Its seen birth and coming to age within a short span of nine months in the ECLA womb. There have been some major ups and some dismal downs, but all in all, it was a year. Although only around 10 months, or was it nine? Did nine feature once before or twice before?

The Zyxt team also has had a great time. The key motto to the team remains “for liberty and fraternity and all the mumbo jumbo that we all hold dear.” And yes of course this motto was just made now. A motto that doesn’t change with the times isn’t that useful all the time.

  Zyxt, after a year of living it up, would like to give a shout out to its buddy and pal, humanity. Without you, humanity, we all would not be here and nothing in the world would show us just how human we are. Without being human how could we ever have flights of fancy, totalitarian commandments, and the new religion of thought? Humanity, we love you and we hope that peace shall be in your heart.



   As a great person once said, “there is nothing more important in the world than knowing the right time to take the chicken out of the oven.” So, remember all you fish lovers, the day of reckoning is at hand and the four horsemen are due to arrive, except they lost their horses in Las Vegas trying to get into Circus Circus.

As anyone might have now realized, this piece is very confusing and dense or just saying things for the hell of saying it. In both counts and possibly more you must most assuredly be right. But the magazine Zyxt seeks not to preach and would rather leave all the philosophical jargon to whoever would like to use them. But with jaw dropping wonder it shall admire it all.

Finally, Zyxt would like to thank all its contributors, ECLA and the wonderful world of the World Wide Web which have allowed for its creation. It would also like to give a special shout out to its team for being there for it in its times of need and seeing it through all its hardship and hard won success stories.

The Edit-o-real Team





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